The Umber Raw

I want to bring light to the issue that many black people face on a daily basis. I chose to focus on the experience of black men and women through verbal and visual stories. Each person answered one question about something that has made them question their identity as a person of African American descent. As a black woman, I have experienced my issues being spoken over, and I noticed the lack of stories told by people who look like me. Our stories sometimes are spoken over and in most cases are not heard. Throughout history, when we discuss issues that affect us, it is ignored or seen as a complaint. This project is a way for us to be comfortable voicing our issues and to not feel guilty for expressing our feelings in a normal way. I wanted each person to recall a time where their identity as a black person was challenged, whether it had to do with their appearance, their sexuality, or their gender. I photographed many different variations of people; plus-sized, skinny, LGBT+, people who wear their natural hair, and people who were both comfortable and uncomfortable with their bodies. I asked each person to come dressed in their own style. Together we created a safe zone, somewhere where we can be seen and heard. 

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